People Are Brave

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Nothing to do with any current nastiness in the world in the form of explosions; it goes without saying that, in general, people react admirably in the face of disaster. This is just following the ten minutes I spent sitting in a comfy chair in the corridor of our local hospital while waiting to pick up my grandson from nursery.

I watched people come and go into and from X-ray; the usual assortment of plastered ankles, etc., belonging to people not used to balancing on sticks as well as a number of beds wheeled from wards containing the frailest of souls. And, although a hospital is where you go because your body has been damaged or let you down and could well be causing you a lot of anguish and pain, every person I saw was smiling (or trying to), sometimes cracking jokes in an effort to make those who were tending them feel better.

There is something within most of us which comes to the fore at such times. And even at the very end, when everything medicine can do must be put aside in the face of the inevitable, most people think first of those they love. If things are going to be OK for them, then that’s all right. Yes, people are brave, tragically so sometimes but always worthy of admiration.