Tribes and Immortali resurrected

I could have given up on my novels. At times it seemed they were destined never to be. I didn’t give up because, to me, they are an integral part of my creative work, whether or not they become a success in commercial terms.
Years of frustration have prevented either Immortali or Tribes coming to the marketplace in satisfactory mode but, at last, I have two brilliant covers. There’s work to do on the texts but I hope to put both on Amazon Kindle once I’ve sorted out the mess two publishers made of them.
Many thanks to PepperCreative of Newport, Isle of Wight, for tuning in immediately to what I wanted and to what was needed. They came up with two super designs without fuss, stress and the downright stupidity I experienced in dealing with both Indepenpress and Authorhouse publishers (the latter deserves to be shut down).
Another step along the way and to peace of mind.

One thought on “Tribes and Immortali resurrected

  1. Hi Anne!
    Looks like we’re both resurrecting our blogs/art ~ must be something in the stars! Love the new covers ~ glad you’ve found helpful publishers on your wavelength at last! I’ll subscribe again to get email notification of your posts ~ didn’t receive one for this. Looking forward to hearing more from you! 🙂

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