Tribes – A Novel by Anne Lewington

Tribes by Anne LewingtonSet in a post-apocalyptic future; Tribes is a tale of human catastrophe, power and violence, loyalty and love.

Tribes is a compelling, poignant and fast-moving story filled with danger and suspense which raises universal questions about the nature of power and respect for life. 

Through the eyes of a courageous young man with a strong moral code and the need to question, the reader is led into a terrifying world where the remnants of humanity struggle to survive.

Isaac England, son of the black autocratic ruler of a city-dwelling tribe, takes part in a raid on an encampment of itinerants known as Scranners. 

Faced with killing an unarmed boy, Isaac fails to live up to the ruthless example of his adopted brother, Kai, and spares the boy’s life never imagining how dire and far-reaching the consequences will be in the years to come.


In a time yet to come, on the borders of Europe and Asia, in a land once conquered by a man they called The Terrible, where a river known as Mother feeds the black earth, a city stands. 

Its inhabitants count themselves fortunate, whilst despising those who wander the barren lands outside.  Straw-people they call them, Scranners or some other such derogatory name.  For, when the earth is sick, some of her children must starve – the weakest, those who cannot take.

But time turns on a wheel and it is written in the dust that many who are first will be last, and the last first.  The message is obscured; the book from whence it came forgotten. 

Still, men make what they will of words according to their needs and such is the message of this age: one hungry man alone may knock and ask for food, yet be denied.  A thousand is a tribe and has no need to knock.

Throughout the world there are great stocks of weapons, once used by mighty armies whose job it was to protect borders. But now there are no borders.

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