End Of All Things

The Last Post on My Old Blog, Migrated Here To My New Blog

This is my last post on this blog before migrating to my website annelewington.co.uk

I considered hard and long today whether to write about the following but, since it’s certain nobody will read it, here goes.

Last night I had an intense and scary dream. Some despot who looked like Max Von Somethingorother (Ming the Merciless but without the fancy gear) was determined to destroy the planet. No idea why. He began by sending wasps which wiped out a few people and caused a lot of panic; then spiders which were too skinny to do much in the way of destruction or scaring. Then a kind of fog created by wierd pollen engulfed the world. Various government reps came to him to ask him to desist but fell under his control. Finally he created a wave which spread about the world devouring mainly lovers and their bodies became part of a psychedelic mush. By now the world outside the despot’s bubble was almost black. Some said he would retreat to a better place. I asked if such a thing still existed.

Throughout this nonsense I was, mercifully, an observer. At one point I saw the despot cradling in his arms a sickly young boy who was apparently his son. Perhaps this was the reason for his hatred of life. The only others remaining in the bubble were gathered in a sycophantic group, paying the despot compliments so that he would not cast them out into the horror he had created. One woman had black lips and many piercings. How can they trust him – I wondered.

Then, as it became clear that all hope was lost for beauty and goodness, I tried to retreat from the dream I knew I was in. But suddenly, amidst the panic and confusion three orbs appeared; not orbs exactly because they had a skirt of shining silver around them and from that flowed a purple material which looked to be made from light. ‘May we live in your world?’ they asked the despot. ‘For it is sure we can do you no harm.’ I did not hear his answer; he may have fled to the other place. But the orbs hung in the air and their light pierced the darkness. ‘Shall we show you what you have done?’ they asked those who remained, the ones who had done the despot’s bidding.

And I heard the people cry and wail as they held in their hands some cloths. I did not want to look at what they contained but I did and saw nothing ugly. Instead I saw bright shining items of gold and silver such as bracelets and rings. ‘These are what your loved ones left behind,’ said the orbs. And the people were wailing because they knew that the most precious things of all were gone forever.’

Now, am I mad to have dreamt such a thing? Or is it just the fact that I’m suffering from a chest infection.

Goodbye first blog. I promise to write more sensible stuff on my new one.