Let’s talk politics

Mine, anyway.  I doubt I could ever vote Conservative; it’s not in my genes.  But that doesn’t mean I’m a lovey, duvvy, soft-touch Lefty.

Politics, to me, goes by the same rules as individual psychology.  Too much stick or too much carrot and the child turns out unbalanced.  It’s in our nature to make a bid for power but, if allowed to get away with it every time, most of us will turn into tyrants.  On the other hand believing that all children are by nature good and only turn bad through contact with a corrupt adult world is just daft.

No political party has the complete solution to a country’s woes.  Again, by nature, folk are contrary and, if you could present them with a perfectly fair and balanced society in which to live, they would inevitably get bored (and probably go to war).

A controversial belief of mine is that war is the natural state of mankind (a theme explored in Tribes).  The world’s problems would be better addressed with this fact in mind.  We do not naturally exist in a peaceful state then occasionally slip into mindless violence.  We are programmed with violence as an aid to survival and peace comes only when we manage that part of us socially.

The Tories bleat a lot about the population being law-abiding.  Let me remind them that most of their families received their privileged position (and the money) as a result of a certain King William wresting the land from the indigenous population and handing it out to his soldier cronies for helping him smash the existing regime.  Some law-abiding, eh?